Hi, I’m a Programmer, Musician, Game Developer, Ruby Enthusiast, DevOps fanatic, who loves to code, and is passionate about learning new things.

I’ve spikes on Ruby on Rails, Javascript, Java, C# and Unity. I’m very much interested in Game Development, Web/Mobile App development,loves to automate things and a firm believer of Test Driven Development. I am an active member of the open source community, and a core team member of JSChannel conference brand (http://www.jschannel.com).

I work with GoJek Engineering and earlier worked with McKinsey Digital Labs for almost 3 years, and have developed a few web/mobile applications for esteemed clients using Agile Methodology.

I’m also a Mridangist, who has been playing the ancient Indian instrument Mridangam for the last 17 years, and has given more than 500 concerts and a recipient of the prestigious “National Balshree” honor from the President of India.


Vellore Institute Of Technology Bachelor of Technology – Information Technology 2010-2014

Contact me on:

Email : tsshriram@live.in






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