It’s not hosting, it’s hoisting!

Developers often get confused with JavaScript scoping. As JavaScript resembles languages like C, it is often assumed it behaves the same way. However, there’s a fundamental difference in scoping when compared to C in JavaScript. Let’s take a look at an example: var count = 10; function countMethod() { if (!count) { var count = 100; } alert(count); //alerts 100 } countMethod(); Here, […]

Authentication Token Mechanism

Recently, I got a chance to setup a authentication token mechanism on our middleware, which purely exposes REST API’s. The username/password combination were stored in the Database with passwords encrypted/one way hashed using a salt(secret key). Quoting Bruce Schneier and Wikipedia: “A cryptographic hash function is considered practically impossible to invert, that is, to recreate the […]

The Puissant Beast

Whilst I stand on the footplate of arguably one of the classic superfasts of India, I look outside, and see some exuberance. A long and fresh spell of rain has made the difference, as if the nature has gotten alive. It appeared as if everything, the grass, the bushes, the trees, everyone got their life […]