Digging SCP

SCP is one of the commands we frequently use, and I have always wondered how it works.    SCP helps you copy file(s) remotely to a server securely. To understand the working of SCP, where else to look for it other than the code itself. So, I started looking at https://github.com/openssh/openssh-portable/blob/master/scp.c. What did I find out? SCP […]

Let Loose?

Today I faced a very interesting problem. I was working on one of the Rails Controllers, and writing specs using RSpec. This was my controller spec. And the code(assuming @organisation already being assigned by a before_action method): But, strangely, this test case was failing as the value of @expenses was nil. What went wrong? On […]

Emacs to the space!

In the world of so many IDEs and text editors, there are two, which always stand out, Emacs and VIM. We know about the world wars that happen between people using them. Never got a winner right? 😛 Having used the likes of VIM, Atom, Sublime, Visual Studio Code, and the sweet IDEA products, I wanted […]

The forever hap’i’ server – Part 1

A rich framework for building applications and services. Hapi.js is a robust configuration-centric framework that enables us to build REST APIs easily without having to go through lot of pain-points of infrastructure. What does Hapi provide? Built-in support for input validation Caching Authentication Configuration-centric Server The idea of this blog post and the couple of […]